How to create filters for your product feed

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Filters are meant to filter out products you do not want to appear in your product feeds. You can set two different types of filters, ‘include only’ and ‘exclude’ filters.

Exclude filters

You want to make sure that certain products do not make it to your product feed. The easiest way to do so is create exclude filters.

You want to exclude products that are out-of-stock:

Filter out of stock

Or you want to exclude a product based on a product ID:

Exclude products that have an empty price:

For example, you want to exclude products that have a stock lower than 2 items:

Filter on low stock

Include-only filters

Whereas rules are created to exclude products you can also set filters to create a product feed that contains products based on include-only filters. Meaning only products will be added to your product feed that meet the criteria you have set.

Include only products that are in-stock:

Or, include only products that have a price > 100:

IMPORTANT: Please note that creating multiple filters is possible but that they act as an AND statement and not as a OR. Creating both include_only and exclude rules for a product feed is also possible but please make sure you start with all include_only rules first.

Exclude individual products:

It is also possible to exclude individual products. Please read this blog post on how to enable this option.

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