Multi-Inventory Product Info Shortcode

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Multi-Inventory Product Info Shortcode

For our users, we developed a shortcode that allows you to display the multi-inventory info in the store’s product page. The shortcode is made to show the following information:

  • Inventory Date
  • BBE Date
  • Region
  • Location
  • LOT/Batch number


Add the following code into your product description field within the back-end admin area:



The default shortcode shows all the multi-inventory information, but you can edit the attributes to customize it.

Shortcode Attributes:

  • product_id: If passed will display the data for the specified product, if not will try to get the displayed product.

    Example of the attribute
    [atum_mi_product_info product_id="1"]

  • data: A comma-separated list of data elements to display (defaults to all). You can set the following values:
    • inventory_date
    • bbe_date
    • region
    • location
    • lot

      Example of the attribute 
      [atum_mi_product_info data="inventory_date,bbe_date,region,location,lot"]

  • with_labels: Whether to show the labels for each data row. You can set yes or no.

    Example of the attribute 
    [atum_mi_product_info with_labels="no"]

  • no_info_message: The message that will be shown when the product has no info available.

    Example of the attribute 
    [atum_mi_product_info no_info_message="write your message here"]

  • date_format: The format used for dates. Defaults is the date format selected in WP Admin > Settings > General. You can set a valid php date format, if need help can read this article.

    Example of the attribute 
    [atum_mi_product_info date_format="Y-m-d"]

  • class: Any CSS class to be added to the data block.

    Example of the attribute 
    [atum_mi_product_info class="your-class"]

Example of the shortcode with all the attributes

[atum_mi_product_info product_id="1" data="inventory_date, bbe_date, region, location, lot" with_labels="no" no_info_message="write your message here" date_format="Y-m-d" class="your-class"]

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