Completing a Purchase Order

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Completing a Purchase Order

After you receive the products for the purchase order, you must mark the product order as complete.

  1. Go to ATUM Inventory > Purchase Orders.
  2. From the Actions menu for the purchase order, click the Mark as Complete icon.


You can also do this by opening up the purchase order and then selecting Completed in the PO Status field, and then clicking Update.



After marking the product order as complete, you can then add the products to your stock directly from the Purchase Order:

  1. In the products list select the product you want you get the stock. To select the product click on the product row, then will change to pink color.
    NOTE:You can select several products.

  2. Click Add to Stock button.

  1. A pop-up will ask you to confirm the action, click the Continue button.

  1. A successfully message appears, click OK.

  1. Your stock will be updated in Stock Central and moved from Inbound Stock to Current Stock.
WARNING:Everytime that you click the Add to Stock button the stock quantities will be added to the product.

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