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General Settings Page

After plugin is activated, navigate to the dashboard. Once you are there you should see Time Clock on the left menu. Click on it and you’ll see the main settings page.


Once you are there you can set your company name, timezone and most importantly your time clock and employee profile page.

Page Setup

Here you can create the pages offered by the plugin.



Setup which departments each manager can view in their reports.  Add custom roles to for who can view the time clock.

Custom CSS

Add your own css to the time clock.

Custom Hooks

Add your own logic to some of the time clock hooks.

Managers Profile

Managers profile allows managers to run reports on the departments they have permissions to access.  Permissions can be set on the Permissions Tab in the Settings.

Employees Page

Employees can view their shifts.

Shifts Page

shifts page has 3 sections.  View, Predefined, and Bulk

  • View
    • Add, view, search, sort, and edit shifts
  • Predefined
    • Create predefined shifts so employees can select them instead of using the standard time clock.  This requires the Shift picker time clock to be created.
  • Bulk
    • Admins can assign shifts to multiple employees at once.


View Section


Predefined Section


Bulk Shift Creation Section

Reports Page

There are 2 tabs on the reports page. Custom reports, Advanved

The main differences are:

  • Custom report page. you can select individual employees to query.
  • Advanced: You can select multiple and it shows the totals.

Time Clock Page

Real time time clock so employees shifts can be dynamic

Quick Pick Time Clock Page

List style time clock page that let’s employees clock in with a pin number instead of actually having to login.


Shift Picker Time Clock Page

Real time time clock so employees shifts can be dynamic

Employee Profile

Here employees browse their shifts.



  • Time Clock Page: [show_aio_time_clock]
  • Employee Profile Page: [show_aio_employee_profile]
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